See the Finance Information Technology Organizational Chart

Brad Sumpter
(540) 231-4563

Cindy Smith
Administrative Assistant
(540) 231-6419

Charlie Ruble 
Assistant Director of IT Operations 
Phone: (540) 231-0631

IT Security Coodinator
Phone: (540) 231-6419

Nette Johnson 
Lead Solutions Analyst
Phone: (540) 231-3633

Name Phone Job Title   Name Phone Job Title
Buckwalter, Jim 231-2713 IT Manager   Buhrdorf, Kris 231-8778 Application and Data Programmer
Vacant 231-7437 Computer Support Specialist   Sherman, Chris - Application and Data Programmer (PT Faculty)
Reece, Aaron 231-1349 Computer Support Specialist   Hasnany, Faizan 231-4705 Application and Data Analyst (PT Grad Assistant)
        Vacant - Application and Data Programmer