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Application & Data Solutions - Vice President for Finance Areas

We leverage technology and expertise to enhance the efficiency of business processes, facilitate critical administrative processes, and analyze and report information that supports data driven decision making and improves data literacy of stakeholder community. 

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Application Development
Data Reporting
Data Reporting

Finance IT supports multiple on-campus locations reporting to the Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

We can take requests from you anytime! To ensure your request is properly recorded, please submit a ticket. You can reach us by email with any questions during normal work hours.

  • Email:

    Submit a ticket request to us by emailing Please use a descriptive subject line for the email and concise details in the body of the message.

  • Stopping us in the hallway or in our office to discuss a new request is fine but not recommended. We are often in the middle of multiple projects, and it may be difficult to remember the details of your request. It is always best that you submit a ticket/email to document the details or simply to present us with a problem to solve. Discussions are always beneficial to ensure that we understand your needs, and we will typically arrange for time to chat shortly after receiving your request.
  • When you email, a request ticket is automatically created for your request. Anytime one of our employees update the ticket, you will receive an email notification. The ticketing system is designed so that any replies you send to these emails will be automatically appended to the ticket in our system. Once the ticket has been closed, any replies you send will re-open the ticket and notify the previously assigned employee. For this reason it is not necessary to reply with a "Thank you!" message once a ticket is closed, even though we most certainly appreciate it!

If you have any questions about the information presented on this page, please feel free to contact us.