Can Operations be of Service?

What requests should you submit to us?

Our services are available for problems and inquiries dealing with electronic devices, monitors/screens, or technology related to your computer. Examples of items we support and processes include:

  • Work-related electronic equipment (desktop/laptop computers, cell phones, printers, monitors, etc.)
  • Conference Room audio/visual equipment (televisions, projectors, etc.)
  • Work-related software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, SharePoint, Internet browsers, etc.)
  • Network Connections

What requests will need to go elsewhere?

The list below contains some examples of operational support requests that are often mistaken as our requests but actually fall under the responsibility of another department or support area:

  • Personal Equipment/devices not owned by the State. (i.e. personally owned or owned by other organizations)
  • Electrical power, lighting or Building Issues. Please contact Virginia Tech Facilities at 540-231-4300.
  • Conference room materials. Please contact the administrative contact(s) for the particular room.
  • Website Development/Updates.  Please send requests to the Finance IT Application & Data Solutions team.